Founded in the 10th century AD

In the centre of the North-eastern coast of the Athos peninsula, perched on a steep cliff between the Monasteries of Iviron and Pantokratoros, stands the monastery of Stavroniketa

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St. Pavlos


Founded in the 11th century

On the Western side of Athos, near the Monastery of Dionysios and only a short distance from the sea, on the slopes of an impressive crevasse formed by the neighbouring mountains stands the Monastery of St. Paul

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Simonos Petras


Founded in 1363

On the Southwestern coast of Mount Athos on a rock of granite, at an altitude of 300 meters above the sea stands the seven-storey high Monastery of Simonos Petra, called also Simonopetra which is 13th in the hierarchy of the monasteries of Mount Athos

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Founded in 992

A half-hour walk from Karakallou, amidst the lush vegetation of the Eastern side of Athos and at an altitude of 300 meters above the sea, stands the Holy Monastery of Philotheos, one of the oldest Monasteries of the peninsula

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