Introducing the world’s first interactive database of the Orthodox Church!

Our App will link Orthodox Christians around the world, by enabling the user, to update the database and add information relating to our Orthodox faith.  Once downloaded, the App automatically synchs between your mobile app and our main website orthodox.jjtweb.com to assure the latest up to date information. 

Our App provides a live database that provides the most comprehensive collection of Church facts, and experiences in existence! 

Lives of Saints, Orthodox Church’s and Monasteries around the world, Miraculous Icons, and Lenten recipe’s are just some of the categories available to the user to read, and update! 

Add a Saint’s life, share a religious experience, the options are many!  Be a part of this live, only of its kind, interactive App that will allow Orthodox Christians from around the world to unite their experiences and knowledge so that together we can grow in knowledge and faith, 

Adding posts are as easy as logging on to our website, or through the App.  Once uploaded, automatic synching ensures the most up to date information. 

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