Jesus Christ’s prophecies/promises to Saint Niphon of Constantia/bishop of Cyprus

After having prayed to the Holy Lord Jesus Christ his “prayer for one about to die”, Jesus came to him and told him thus.

“Good and faithful servant! I heard your supplication and I will grant liberally what you ask for the salvation of Christians! To anyone who commemorates your name, in his prayer or in church, I shall stand by him a helper in all his temptations, dangers and sorrows, particularly in the last moments of his life. I shall have bountiful mercy on all those who will glorify Me by your name. I shall strengthen and fortify all those who call upon Me in your name, and with My divine authority I shall crush every demonic battalion under their feet.”

And at his deathbed, Saint Niphon promised and prophesied the following.

“And you my son,” the Saint begged, “whenever you celebrate Divine Liturgy, at the Prothesis, don’t forget to commemorate also the name of sinful Niphon, the nonentity, before the holy Mysteries of God. For it is great benefit for the departed to be commemorated at the holy Prothesis! Whoever does this with sincere faith after my death will see God’s help visit him when his end comes. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will cover the multitude of his transgressions and will call him to the Kingdom of heaven. For I won’t forget him in my rest until I bring him near to me; so that wherever I am, he may be also.”

Shall we fulfill Jesus Christ’s promise/prophecy to Saint Nephon?
“…..from now until the end of the ages you will be the consolation of anyone in the throes of death, and many shall enjoy salvation by invoking your name.”


Part of how he “will be the consolation of anyone in the throes of death” is by the following prayer that he prayed, which shall ensure that the one whom it is prayed over, on their deathbed, shall go to heaven, as Saint Niphon prayed for it to be so! That, and Jesus Christ promised him the above (Good and faithful servant! I heard….)!after he prayed it!

Prayer for one about to die

“O Lord, the God of powers, great and awesome, abundant in might and transcendent in goodness, full of mercy and compassion, incline and hear me who am vile and sinful. O my Christ, Who saved Jonah out of the belly of the whale and Daniel from the mouths of lions, deliver me at the time of death from the dreadful darkness of the prince of evil. Do not let the devil come over the deathbed of Your servant. May my soul, O Lord, never see the darkness of the demons, neither in this life, nor in the future one, neither in the agony of death, nor at my ascent to heaven. May not the accursed dragon deride my miserable soul when it abandons this depraved body. Do not let the filthy spirit of fetor and stench snatch it, O my Lord, my Christ, my Jesus, my God, my Light, and carry it away to perdition. O my Master, God of Heaven and earth, may my eyes never see his hideous and darksome face. But at the time of my end, O my Holy, Thrice Holy, and glorified King, send me Your mercy and Truth. O my God, at that time send Michael, the commander-in-chief, over your servant. Send me Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, the great and bright generals, with all their immaculate and thrice-blessed army, to crush the insatiable dragon of Hades who gnashes his teeth and wants to snatch and devour anyone living piously. O my God, at the time of my departure, sink him and all his filthy army into the abyss, in Tartarus, into outer darkness and the ‘gnashing of teeth.’ At that time, O my Lord Jesus Christ, my Delight, my Resurrection, send the merciful and philanthropic Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, to receive my own spirit in His incomparable sweetness and immortal holiness. Send him to strengthen me with a flaming sword preceding me and crushing the evil rulers of darkness. For, if these abominations of iniquity plunge into the fire, into darkness, into the abyss, into Hades, I will be able without pain to cross the ethereal spheres to come close to You, the Triune Sun, to fall before Your compassion, to kiss Your immaculate feet, to be filled with the Deity, with Your Holy Spirit, and confess the countless wonders You did for my sake: How You brought me to repentance, gave me life, ‘and out of the depths of the earth again Thou broughtest me up’! I will enumerate them all before the holy angels, that I may be overcome by the effulgence of the sweetest and most delightful divine pleasure. And transported by Your ineffable fragrance, grace, and divine beauty, I shall chant to You then the great Song of Songs!… Hear me, o my God, even though I may transgress Your law before You every day. Hear me, my King, My Redeemer, and make me worthy to enter Your glory, just as I beseech You night and day, and pray to You, and supplicate Your immortal and life-giving majesty. O my Lord Jesus Christ, I ardently beg You again and always: at the time of my departure, send me the resplendent Virgin, the most pure temple, the sacred treasury of Your wealth, O my Christ, to strengthen me. Send me at that time the holy Forerunner and Baptist John, the luminous stars – the Apostles – the prophets and the martyrs, the preachers and evangelists, confessors, ascetics, and righteous, that Your creature may be glorified. Yes, immortal Lord, hear me, the sinner, and enable me to attain Your inexpressible, never aging and thrice blessed glory. But, my Lord, give rest also to every servant of Yours in the throes of death, wherever this prayer will be heard, that the foul demons be disgraced. Crush them, O Master, with Your mighty hand. Disperse them, O Mighty One, with Your flaming sword. Burn them with the lightning of Your fire-breathing power, O You Who are the plenitude of greatness, loftiness and awe My God, may this prayer be for refreshment and comfort, repose and tranquility, sweet fragrance and joy, support and refuge, courage and help to all those who are on their deathbeds. Yea, Lord, God of my holy Fathers, who pleased You from the beginning of time to the present, do not scorn my petition, O Holy One. Do not turn away from my supplication, O Compassionate One. But implant within my prayer a double-edged sword, divine, heavenly, deadly to the demons and vengeful against the spirit of wickedness; yet filled with sympathy, forgiveness, compassion and goodness. If by chance the one dying has many sins and this prayer is read over him, may You lighten his burden at that time, O Lord, have mercy on his soul, O Holy One, and sanctify his ascent toward You. Crown him with Your compassions, inscribe him in the book of Your mercy, grant him the bliss of Paradise. Overlook his iniquities with the immensity of the wealth of Your loving-kindness. Forgive him, have mercy on his miserable soul and save it. Have pity on him, help him, have mercy on him, shield and protect him according to Your great mercy. Show him Your love for man. Send him angels of peace. Send him Your immaculate love. Open to him Your glorious embrace, flood him with all the immaterial fragrances, that the loathsome and deceitful demons may flee from him in shame. O Lord, turn them into ashes in the fire of Gehenna, for they dare to disturb and frighten the poor soul. O Lord, let this take place wherever my poor supplication is heard. Yea, O Master, Jesus Christ, Light of light, hear me, O Good One, and impart grace and mercy to my prayer. Be a helper and protector for salvation to everyone who invokes the name of vile Nephon. Hear me, O Lord; Hear me, O Lover of mankind, Holy One, and grant my request beseeching Your mighty Name.



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